Why is it called ‘underdog‘? 

Let us explain. 

Thanks for dropping by the website. My name is Reuben, and I’ve been an underdog throughout my career.

An underdog is someone thought to have little chance of winning. They’re usually underrated and underestimated. 

But underdogs have an unfair advantage. They are not afraid of losing, pivoting, and innovating. In fact, they live and breathe it. 

We made Underdog Marketing Con for you, the underdogs out there.


Who is Underdog Con for?

One thing I dislike about most marketing conference – is that they speak in cryptic languages. You have seen them. Topics like:

  • The state of AI marketing.
  • 5G and the future of marketing.
  • The dawn of influencer marketing.

These topics feel important. You feel all warm and fuzzy listening to them. But when you return to your office the next day – you do nothing different!

It’s not your fault. These topics are so cryptic and high-level, that they provided no actionable insights you can take action on.

Ideas are worthless without execution.

That’s why Underdog Con focuses on case studies, actual marketing strategies, and tactics – you can apply immediately for work. 

We made the conference for do-ers, marketers, and founders – who want to take their careers and business to the next level.

Want a piece of the pie?

How to take part.

Join as Attendee

Learn from the case studies & strategies shared by more than 10+ speakers. Plus, network with 200+ marketers, founders, and experts.

All you need is to make a 3-5 meaningful connections from the event to propel your career and business.

Event space holds 200 attendees.

Join as Speaker

Are you open to sharing your case studies and strategies? This is a great way to market your business and build fans.

With consent from the attendees, you can give pass offers to them during the event.

We have slots for 16 speakers.

Join as Exhibitor

Showcase your business to 200+ marketers and founders, serious about scaling their business.

No need to spend on ridiculous booth setups. The exhibiting fee we ask for will just be used to cover the cost of the venue.

We have 8 booths available.