Who’s Coming?

MOVE Private Fitness

Malaysia’s top boutique fitness brand, elevates health with personalized, holistic training guided by certified experts.

Attendee: CJ Lee

Website: moveprivatefitness.com

TechToWords Digital

Malaysia’s top boutique fitness brand, elevates health with personalized, holistic training guided by certified experts.

Attendee: Kenny Lee

Website: TechToWords


Ticlio empowers brands to launch multiple gamified campaigns across various products, stores, regions, sub-brands, and target audiences.

Attendee: Jeppe Karlsson

Website: www.ticl.io


Clooo offers growth plans, error identification, efficient resource use, and tailored pricing for beginners and startups.

Attendee: Casimir Yong

Website: Clooo.ai

Bayu Somerset

Discover Bayu Somerset’s comfort and vibrant style. Modern Malaysian fashion for women of all ages and sizes. Be a true Somerseter!

Attendee: Aminah 

Website: Bayusomerset.com

Urban Rebel Solutions

We make your business stand out by challenging norms with bold ideas, embracing risk, and learning from mistakes.

Attendee: Yap Sam Shern

Website: Urbanrebel.asia

Joey and Mom

An Aesthetic babywear brand for the modern parent, solving the question of how do I know whats best for my little one.

Attendee: Lingesh 

Website: Joey and Mom

Sienna Design

Sienna Design is a boutique creative agency renowned for its unique blend of international expertise and Malaysian perspective.

Attendee: Deborah

Website: sienna-design.com

Leadmen Advertising

We’re an advertising agency that does one thing only. Sell. We skip the fluffy creative woo-woo for effective, engaging, and interesting ads.

Attendee: Darwisy Akmal

Website: leadmen-advertising.com

Fukuro Malaysia

Fukurō Malaysia imports and sells high-quality, affordable kitchenware inspired by Japanese standards in Malaysia.

Attendee: Daryl Lai

Website: Fukuro Malaysia

Inari Jewellery

Creates sustainable demi-fine jewelry, blending luxury with eco-consciousnessempowering informed consumer choices.

Attendee: Eva Woon

Website: Inarijewellery.com

B&B Labs

Revolutionizing skincare with effective cosmeceuticals using traditional Asian plants, simplifying routines and promoting skin health.

Attendee: Julius Lim

Website: bb-labs.com


Popoemart supplies high-quality personal care raw materials to DIYers, homemakers, and businesses.

Attendee: Ryan Loo

Website: Popoemart TikTok

Hide Commerce

We transform lockers into colorful, fun storage solutions for home, work, and play, making tidying up easy and stylish.

Attendee: Leanne Ng

Website: Madebyhide.com


Servicing numerous local & International brands in fulfilling e-Commerce and B2B distribution logistic & warehousing services.

Attendee: ZAC

Website: urstore.com.my


Actsugi uses 360° technologies to create engaging virtual tours and brand narratives that boost business presence and sales across sectors.

Attendee: Rachael Lum

Website: www.actsugi.com

SweetLife & Co.

SweetLife & Co. is an eCommerce-based florist providing same-day and next-day flower delivery service in Penang.

Attendee: UT

Website: www.sweetlifeandco.my

Jdot Property

A team of young Real Estate Entrepreneur focused in landed transactions. Be part of the J.dot Experience .

Attendee: jdotproperty.com

Website: jdotproperty.com

BBB Express

We specialize in custom courier solutions, turning challenges into routine with 22 years of expert logistics advice.

Attendee: Biiancaa Yeoh

Website: bbbgroup.com.my

Adeve Digital

Specialize in serving as a fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and dedicated marketing coach specifically for scaling B2C startups.

Attendee: Justin Chen

Website: adevedigital.com

Milktee Custom

Offers fabric printing: Ready Made T-Shirt Printing for quick style needs, and Custom Cutting Fabric for personalized designs.

Attendee: Desmond Chin

Website: milkteecustom.com

Sutra Silk PLT

Offering silk bedding, related products and also operate WurksWunders PLT, a digital marketing agency .

Attendee: Daniel

Website: sutrasilk.com


An Omnichannel Platform to sync products and orders across Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop, Shopify, WooCommerce, and etc.

Attendee: Adrian

Website: zetpy.com

BrandCell Studio

We provide branding design, shopify custom themes for e-commerce stores, branching into meta ads creatives optimisation as well

Attendee: brandcell.studio

Website: brandcell.studio

Syspex (Malaysia)

Syspex distributes packaging and warehousing solutions in Southeast Asia, focusing on sustainability and safety in global logistics.

Attendee: Kevin Wong

Website: syspex.com