The conference that answers…

“Umm… How much should I pay an influencer?”

20th Sept 2023 | 12PM – 6PM 

Common Ground Jaya One

After-party networking session starts from 6PM till late.

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Brands supporting Underdog Con

Introducing Underdog Influence Con

As business owners, we know we have to build influence. But why does it seem like nobody knows how to do it? Underdog Influence Con shows you how to finally leverage influence marketing – and grow your revenue.

What is Underdog Con?

Don’t tell them.
Show them.

What happens at a typical conference? A speaker goes up on stage. Tells you something like “Ohh, AI is gonna eat businesses up!”. Out of respect, you applaud the speaker.

After 8 tiring hours, you go home and realize, damn… I can’t apply anything from the conference to my business.

And wow. The ba**s some speakers have, to even try selling you a course.

Underdog Con changes that. Speakers share real case studies, actual strategies, and real results. No weird sales pitches or “high-five-the-person-next-to-you” nonsense.


Nobody regrets attending Underdog Con… ever!

Seriously, we’ve run it twice. The response is crazy. People are actually excited to attend. You can read our thoughts after the last Underdog Con here.

What to expect?

This round – we’re setting up for a close-knitted, personal conference. There is space for 120 participants (including speakers) only.

120 Attendees

No free tickets, ever! Not because we’re a greedy capitalist – but because charging for the event brings the best kind of people – marketers & business owners, together. Learn, meet & do business with great people.

5 Practitioners

Speakers share their juiciest case studies and the exact steps they take to get there. This ain’t a motivational conference.

3 Exhibitors

We’re keeping it real. Exhibiting brands are carefully selected businesses that provide real value to their customers.

You won’t be asked to high-5 the person next to you…

Or to run behind to sign up for a course. This ain’t a motivational event. Just a down-to-earth event the best marketers and business owners attend. 


Marketers of any level who are looking to explore effective influencer marketing strategies that drive actual ROI aligned with business goals.

Business Owners

Business owners who are looking for marketing ideas, strategies and the right people to grow their business 

The speakers

Only practitioners and do-ers at Underdog Influence Con. 

Reuben Ch'ng

Reuben Ch'ng

Founder, Daily CMO

Helping marketers and businesses to grow.

He started his career as a musician, music producer then business owner when he started The Cat Studio.

Reuben started doing marketing for himself, learning through trial & error – before helping other businesses.

One of his earliest tactics to market his music school was to print and deliver flyers by hand. Over time, he began to do more advanced marketing.

When he was a music producer, he worked on various projects for brands like Ridsect and History Channel. Some of his work appeared in cinemas and broadcasts.

In 2016, Reuben joined as a business development lead. Over a tenure of nearly 2 years, he helped the company secure 6-figure advertising campaigns with brands like Nandos, TNB Malaysia, and Proton, by knocking on doors. Those years built up his salesmanship.

Today, he mainly spends his time at Cat Insights, a digital marketing company he set up to help companies grow revenue.

As a teacher, he teaches marketing courses at LEAD and Spiccato and has trained companies like MediaPrima Digital, Heineken and Capitaland. Also as head of marketing, he lead marketing for LEAD.

Ho Ming Han

Ho Ming Han

Creative Director & Strategist, Blankslate

Crafting, leading, and elevating storytelling.

From nonsensical bedtime stories with his dad to awkward school and church plays – storytelling has been close to heart since he was a kid.

Ming has spent the entirety of his career figuring out how stories fit into this ever-changing, short-attention-span world we are in. Not only for himself, but for many people and teams around him.

From building a YouTube channel, into a production studio, into a new-gen creative agency – Ming now leads the team as a creative strategy and content creator.

Between being an industry disruptor and a homebody dad, he’s always looking for the next story to be told.

Sara Suhaili

Sara Suhaili

Co-Founder, Good Juju Barbell Club

Drives growth through strategic marketing.

Sara Suhaili is a co-founder of the Good Juju Barbell Club, where she serves as a full-time strength coach and Head of Marketing & Culture.

Recognizing the evolving needs of the Good Juju community, Sara continuously improves Good Juju’s offerings and experiences.

As the leader of the marketing and operations team, Sara ensures the effective execution of strategic initiatives. She has successfully unified the brand message at GJBC, aligning it across all channels.

With no prior marketing background and in just 12 months, Sara achieved financial milestones surpassing projections set for the third year, showcasing her exceptional marketing expertise and understanding of the community’s needs. 

Seng Yong Poh

Seng Yong Poh

CEO & Founder of HiBlendr

Orchestrating Hiblendr's Phenomenal Succes.

Andrew Poh’s journey is nothing short of captivating. From mastering the nuances of the law in the United Kingdom and earning his stripes as a barrister in England and Wales to lighting up the entrepreneurial scene, Andrew’s story is about wearing many hats – and wearing them well!

While his other credentials as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya are impressive, Andrew’s entrepreneurial spirit truly shines with Hiblendr. Launched in 2020, this venture was no mere side hustle. Hiblendr quickly rose to fame, boasting seven-figure sales within its first year and catching the attention of industry giants like Disney. Not to mention, rallying a community of over 1,000 celebrities/influencers across the region.

Andrew’s transition from the legal corridors to the bustling world of business serves as an inspiration. It’s a lively reminder that with passion and drive, one can blend the meticulousness of law with the creativity of entrepreneurship. He’s a testament to the fact that with passion and the right mindset, you can achieve great things in any area you choose. So, here’s to Andrew – the lawyer-turned-entrepreneur who truly knows how to mix things up!

Sean Tan

Sean Tan

Malaysia Property Youtube Presenter

Bridging the Property Knowledge Gap

Academically, Sean has a degree in architecture and a masters in real estate. He has been involved in the property industry for more than 10 years from agency to development, design to valuation, construction to consultancy, etc.

Also, he bought his 1st property when he was only 22/23 years, and that allows him to fully understand the benefit of property investment.

With the intention of bridging the knowledge gap, he has produced over 1000 videos about property online. Also, he documented more than 280 projects throughout Malaysia.

Raja Jesrina Arshad

Raja Jesrina Arshad

CEO of PurelyB

On a mission for people to lead a healthy lifestyle

Jesrina is a passionate advocate for healthy living and is determined to contribute towards positive lifestyle change in Asia.

With 8+ years of experience in the fast-paced digital industry as a lead digital strategist at Astro Malaysia Holdings (APAC’s leading media entertainment group) and Mindshare Malaysia (Malaysia’s largest media agency), a healthy lifestyle was often difficult to set as a priority. The turning point came when she discovered her allergies to gluten, wheat, dairy, and egg, which had unknowingly been causing problems for years. By cutting out these allergens, eating clean, unprocessed foods, and working out more regularly, her health and well-being drastically improved.

Due to the lack of information on healthy options in Malaysia, it was no easy feat to bring about this lifestyle change. She knew it was possible to live healthy in Asia, but people just needed to know how. On a mission to make it easy for anyone to lead a healthy lifestyle, she started PurelyB – a one-stop destination and guide for all your nutrition, fitness and wellness needs.

Jazz Tan

Jazz Tan

CEO of YouthsToday

Leading Influencer Marketing for Agencies.

Jazz Tan, the CEO behind a specialized Seeding and Influencer Platform designed exclusively for marketing agencies. With over a decade of experience and a strong background in marketing and business administration, Jazz is redefining digital marketing strategies for agencies.

Jazz’s mission-driven leadership has transformed influencer marketing into a community-centric endeavor, catering specifically to marketing agencies. Co-founding her platform, she aimed to create a bridge between agencies and communities. Under her guidance, the platform has evolved into a dynamic ecosystem where influencers and marketing agencies collaborate seamlessly.

Jazz’s advocacy extends beyond the boardroom. She actively promotes social responsibility, encouraging influencers to make a positive impact within the agency landscape. With Jazz at the helm, the platform goes beyond traditional B2B services, fostering a thriving community where authenticity and meaningful partnerships thrive within marketing agencies.

Peter Yong

Peter Yong

Founder of Finlit Media

Simplifies Finance Through Media.

Peter Yong, is the founder of Finlit Media, a media start-up that focuses on transforming lives through edutainment content.

Peter is also known as the host for Mr Money TV, the first financial channel in Malaysia, with more than 10 years experience as a financial planner/ advisor.

Through his creative story telling process, he simplifies complex financial concepts into informative content that people can act upon.

He has worked on multiple content marketing campaigns with different financial institutions internationally and locally such as MOF, KWSP, BSN, PNB, AHAM Capital, Prudential, etc, in improving the quality of life among Malaysians with financial literacy.

He holds a degree is psychology and business management. He is also a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) with Malaysian Financial Planning Council (MFPC).

Wong Chun Yan

Wong Chun Yan

Founder of Eternal Fitness

Self-made coach. who scaled 7-figure business.

A freelance personal trainer who started from scratch filled up his calendar with high-paying clients using Instagram.

He went on to build and ran an online health & fitness company that has helped over 600+ women to transform their lives.

He Scaled his fitness coaching company from zero to 7-Figure in profit within 3 years with a small team and zero financial support.

Chun Yan has considerable value to share in marketing, sales and client success for service-based businesses.

He is passionate about helping experienced coaches & personal trainers to grow and scale fitness businesses.

Check back here for updates on speakers, topic, sponsors, and more!


12.00 pm – 12.30 pm

Registration & Networking

12:30 pm – 1.00 pm

Keynote – Unspoken Ways To Build Influence for Your Business

Reuben Ch’ng, Daily CMO

1:10 pm – 1:45 pm

How we used 1 influencer to sell out an entire nation’s stock – and you will never know it.

Ho Ming Han, Blankslate

1:50 pm – 2.25 pm

How We Scaled to 7 Figures Revenue in 4 Months – With 0 Marketing Background and Ad Spend

Sara Suhaili, Good Juju Barbell Club

2:30 pm – 3:05 pm

Micro vs macro influencers and their effectiveness in real campaigns.

Sean Tan, iherng

Peter Yong, Finlit Media

Ho Ming Han, Blankslate

Jazz Tan, YouthsToday

3:10 pm – 3.40 pm

Tea Break and Networking Session

3:45 pm – 4.20 pm

Achieving the Perfect Blend: Hiblendr’s Journey to 40,000 Customers through Influencer and Content Marketing Mastery. 

Seng Yong Poh, HiBlendr

4:25 pm – 4:55 pm

Stories that Sell: How PurelyB Used Influence Marketing to Build Its Wellness Brand

Raja Jesrina Arshad, PurelyB

5:00 pm – 5.30 pm

From no authority to influencing 600+ high-paying clients

Wong Chun Yan, Eternal Fitness

6pm till late

After-party & networking

At Park-In Jaya One

Conference venue

Common Ground Jaya One

G.016, Jaya One, The Square, 72A, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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Park-in Jaya One

Join us for a casual & relaxed after-party after the conference. Claim a free drink (Beer or iced tea) at the bar and enjoy some nachos on us. 

There’s no agenda. Hang about till late or retire early. It’s up to you. 

Conference venue

Common Ground Jaya One

G.016, Jaya One, The Square, 72A, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

View on Google Map



Park-in Jaya One

Join us for a casual & relaxed after-party after the conference. Claim a free drink (Beer or iced tea) at the bar and enjoy some nachos on us. 

There’s no agenda. Hang about till late or retire early. It’s up to you. 

Secure your spot

Only 120 seats available. Registration will close once they’re all taken up.

9 tickets left as of 18th Sept

Full access to the conference (12PM – 6PM)

6+ live speeches, panel discussions & Q&As.

Tea break & refreshments.

After-party networking session
(Includes a free drink)

Business networking session.

Online access to recordings.

Your company name and logo on the event backdrop. (Cut-off date: 11th Sep)

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Go beyond the event

Your ticket to Underdog Influence Con comes with access to re-watch the content from the event, bonus content, and a community to foster deeper relationships with the people you will meet.

Bonus content

Receive bonus content online as an attendee in the conference, directly from

Video replays.

All speaking sessions & panels during the conference will be recorded and made available on the community platform.


Continue building relationships with key people on the platform and find opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend Underdog Influence Con?

This conference is for marketers, advertisers, and business owners who want to learn the latest advertising tactics and strategies to grow their businesses.

This is not an event for salespeople or a ‘rah-rah’, feel-good event.

Will meals be provided?

Learning and networking are better when there’s food and drinks.

There will be tea-time refreshments provided in the middle of the conference.

After the conference, you can redeem a free drink at during the after-party session.

Where is the conference venue?

The conference will be held at CommonGround Jaya One

It’s a casual, relaxing place with an ample car park. So, less stress – more business!

Address: G.016, Jaya One, The Square, 72A, Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Map: CommonGround, Jaya One

Can I nominate myself or someone to speak?

Yes, we’re happy to receive suggestions for speakers who can share actionable insights and lessons. Email with the title ‘Underdog Speaker‘.

How can I exhibit during the event?

Want to exhibit during the conference? We have 3 exhibiting slots allocated for the event. They cost RM4,500 in sponsorship fees.

Click here to sponsor

Your sponsorship includes: 

  • An exhibiting booth during the conference.
  • Tickets for 2 participants.
  • A video interview on Daily CMO
  • Mentions & brand placements in all marketing materials.
  • A speaking slot during the panelist session.

Your sponsorship goes into funding the event costs.

Please contact or use the chat on this page.

Note: We are selective of exhibitors, and if not approved – we will return 100% of your sponsorship fees.

Can I get a refund if I can't attend?

Tickets are non-refundable once they are sold.

You can, however, request to transfer your ticket to another person. Email or use the chat on our homepage to get help.

Either way, you’ll get access to the recordings from the event.

What is the attire to the event?

Can you believe this was an actual question someone asked during the last round?

Anyway, come dressed in smart casual. No need for business suits. Or if you’re feeling like it, dress to impress!