Get your business in front hundreds of marketers.

As a sponsor at Underdog Con.

Boost your brand – and sales.

As a sponsor at Underdog Con.

RM4,500 sponsorship fee. Only 3 spots available. 


As a business ourselves, we get it. You want something back for your sponsorship. That’s fair. You’re a business. You need to make money and payrolls. Got it.

So we do everything it takes to help you get a return on your investment.

We’re selective. We have to.

So you get more than you give when you sponsor an Underdog Con event. Some of our past sponsors include:

What’s Underdog Con?

Underdog Con is a marketing conference that brings marketers and founders together to discuss marketing, network, and do business. 

We ask speakers to share case studies. No hard-selling is allowed at Underdog Con. 

Every attendee buys a ticket. Our no-free-tickets policy creates a shift in the type of people who attend our conferences. What you’ll discover is a driven, engaged crowd. 


What you get as a sponsor:

  • A published article on your brand on DailyCMO. (Examples: Alterseat, Mitoworld)
  • Video interview and podcast.
  • An exhibiting booth during the event.
  • 2 paid tickets to Underdog Con.
  • Join a panelist discussion session with other speakers.
  • Market your offer to our daily newsletter daily of 400+ marketers and company owners.
  • Your brand in all Underdog Con marketing collaterals.
  • Your offer placed on Daily CMO.

Are you a suitable sponsor?

That depends on the conference’s theme. Generally, you’ll be a great sponsor if your business serves marketers and company owners. If you like to speak, please email

Marketing Tools

We’re fans of businesses who makes marketing tools for businesses and marketers. This is usually a great fit for Underdog Con.

Service Businesses

Do you provide a service for company owners? We’ve worked with companies that provided secretarial services to those who provide marketing services.

Product Owners

Sell something that makes someone’s life better? You’ll make a great sponsor because people who attend Underdog Con are, well, consumers! 

Sponsor the next Underdog Conference

Your sponsorship goes into funding the event costs and you’ll get the following benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who attends Underdog Con?

Underdog Con attracts serious marketers and company owners. Because it’s a paid event – it brings together the best kind of people.

No freeloaders, or people who are “just-checking-it-out” in our conferences. 

Will meals be provided?

Each of our conference series provides food and refreshments. Networking is more effective over food, so we continue to provide it in every conference we run. 

Where is the conference?

We run the conference at a different location every time. Check the conference homepage to see where the upcoming will be held. 

Will this be worth sponsoring?

We like to think so! Think of it as another advertising channel for your business.

The only difference is instead of paying Facebook or Google to show ads on a screen, with Underdog Con, you get a chance to get close to the audience you serve.

Who can I speak to for more details?

Happy to talk to you. Just email and we’ll take it from there.